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Some things

Posted by TheReviewTrickster - May 19th, 2019

 Hey, everyone! I haven't done this in a while, but I've got a lot of things to report.

First off, The Ninja Society of NG has fallen, hence why I have this robot appearance now. If you wanna post there, help continue the story, get us out of this pickle, I welcome you to do so. Now enough for the shameless advertisement.

Next, I have a different advertisement: @RoboFrobo is hosting another writing competition and it's a really cool script one. Here it is. I'm advertising this mainly because I'm planning on doing this and I really want some competition. 3rd place ain't much if there are 3 people, y'know? I think it's a great chance, you can get someone else to make your dream NG movie.

I went to Italy for an English competition and I did really well! 4th place! I don't wanna give out all the details because I could end up revealing my secret identity, but all you need to know is I got a fun trip and met some people.

There was a new NG Discord... for about 4 days. Then IvanAlmighty passed it over to an alt and destroyed it. But whtever, cause we've got a new one now, and it's already better! Hooray! Y'all should join and at least give it a try. https://discord.gg/rtRXuR

Sorry if I tag you and you're not interested or I missed you. Tell me and I'll add/remove yo name real fast, fool. Also if you'd like to generally get tagged in my news posts, please tell me, it's much easier keeping a list than guessing.

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Congrats on the fourth place! I feel like I'm way too committed to way too many different things to join that writing thing, but who knows, If I accomplish enough other things first I will. Hope lots of people do, and the Discord thing: to an ALT that destroyed it? What? Wouldn't that be him too...?

The ninja society shall live on in secrecy... one day we will once again crawl out from the shadows and march against our common foe, united at last! Honestly just seemed like a bit of a communication problem recently. All may not be lost after all.

Awesome work. Congratulations on getting 4th place!

Thanks a ton, man! You should come to the Discord, it'd be a lot of fun having you there!

Well definitely check out the competition. Also for the discord.... i already am in a wayy to many.

Nice job on the competition bud.

Thanks, PAL.

4th place!!! Congrats man!